Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Policy:

This policy is brought to the knowledge of all Company employees, service suppliers and contractors.

Taditel’s management and employees are fully committed to meet the needs and expectation of its customers and the applicable requirements of its stakeholders, through the development of knowledge and awareness and by implementing, monitoring and improving its quality management system. The results are reviewed and checked continuously, in order to adjust the progress to the preset goals.

Risk (and opportunities) based thinking is integrated into each of the core processes of the quality system.

Each Taditel unit decides its own way of contributing to the achievement of the company goals in the following areas:

  • “Zero defects” approach
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Meeting applicable requirements of the company stakeholders
  • Continuous expansion of the customer base
  • On-going reduction of costs.

Taditel management is fully committed to ensure the safety and health of its employees, as well as that of the environment, through the development of knowledge and awareness alongside the establishment of goals and strict compliance with any statutory and regulatory requirements.

Green Manufacturing

In light of environmental awareness, the use of environmentally friendly substances in the production process and management liability, Taditel operations are fully compatible with environmental protection, natural energy conservation and air pollution prevention.

We are committed to European standards – such as RoHS 2002/95/EC (Restriction on use of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE 2002/96/EC (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) – and invest a great deal of effort and resources in environmental awareness around it’s planets.

The Company is committed for continuous improvement of the environmental management system for improving the environmental performance. This includes also the identification and control of risks and aspects of the environment in cooperation with the employees. The company will act to minimize the risks while preventing environmental pollution and reducing the number of work accidents.

Certificate of registration – IATF 16949 expiry date 9/July/2021

Certificate of registration – ISO 9001 expiry date 9/July/2021

Certificate of registration – ISO 14001 expiry date 25/January/2020

Certificate of registration – OHSAS 18001 expiry date 25/January/2020

Certificate of registration (CAE plant) – IATF 16949 expiry date 29/August/2021


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