Our Vision

To be an excellent company and a leader in the quality of its products, management processes and R & D capabilities, which operates in the major markets of electronics and electro-mechanical systems for vehicles in the world, while striving for innovation and adapt the technologies and products to meet customer's expectations and the market's challenges.

Our Purpose

To achieve value by providing high-quality solutions in the field of electronic and electromechanical assemblies that create a unique and leading competitive advantage in the global automotive industry

Our Values

Integrity - credibility and fairness as an absolute and leading standard in all dimensions of activity

Boldness - initiative, determination and creativity while setting challenging goals especially in light of customer expectations

Quality and excellence - learning, developing knowledge and continuous improvement as a basis for quality of activity and creating high added value for customers over time

Partnership - To foster a strategic network of customers and suppliers that together create a shared and ongoing value

Human Resources - Cultivating and preserving people as a basis for the development of professionalism and effectiveness over time

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